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Discover the Organic Cot Mattress

The Organic Crib Mattress stands out on its own in our catalogue and is our most natural version for cot mattresses. It differs from other crib mattresses. If you want to learn more about this mattress, here is more information:  It is  ...

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Baby Rest

How long can a baby use a Baby Cradle Mattress?

The time of transition from the crib to a junior bed is an important stage, and it is not always obvious for parents to start this process of change, since it is difficult to determine how long a baby can use a crib mattress. Manufacturing a mattress is based on studies that tell us the  ...

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Baby Health

Why shouldn’t your baby inherit a mattress?

The reason, if not the most important, why a baby should not inherit a mattress is because the mattress is the main pollutant for a baby. We are going to jump right to the end and tell you how we came to this conclusion. Main reasons not to inherit the mattress In the first months of life, a  ...

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