How to travel with children: The ultimate guide

It is impossible to avoid. Vacation time is here and we want to travel. We don’t care about where exactly, we don’t care for how many days, we just feel the need to get out of our routine and see new sites as a family in the summertime. Summer is a great time to travel, but sometimes traveling with children can be an uphill battle.

In order for you to have everything under control and enjoy a nice family vacation, we bring you a couple of good tips so that whether you travel by plane or car you are prepared.

Here’s the ultimate guide on how to travel with children.

How to travel with children on the plane

Be prepared for delays. We all know that summer is when there are more flights and there is more danger of our flight suffering some kind of delay. Make sure you have enough food, clean clothes, diapers and wipes for 48 hours. This is not an exaggeration. If your flight is delayed, you will thank us for these prep tips.

Make sure to choose your seat on the plane. We know you have to pay a little extra, but it will be worth it. You don’t want to travel in the back, next to the bathroom and with all the noise in that area. There are areas of the plane that can give you more space and are perfect for traveling with the little ones.

If possible, choose direct flights. They are typically more expensive, but it will save you a lot of headaches. Besides, comfort first. You know that it is not the same when you were traveling alone as it is now that you are traveling with your family.

Apologize to passengers if necessary. We know that when a baby cries, there is not much we can do. We can feed him, check his diaper, hug him, try to distract him, but if he cries just because he can, at least apologize to your fellow passengers. There is nothing less pleasant than parents who are indifferent to their child’s crying and do not consider the experience of those around them.

Also, to avoid earaches and clogging, take a pacifier with you. This will prevent your child’s ears from aching during take-off and landing because of the changes in cabin pressure.

Lastly, don’t travel with a car seat. If you are going to rent a car on your vacation, many agencies offer car seats for the little ones to travel safely. Make sure to check for this before making your reservation.

How to travel with children in the car

Have the car ready the night before, so you can simply wake up the day of, get your baby in the car, and hit the road. Traveling with babies requires packing a lot of extra things and you will not get on the road at the agreed time if you prepare the car the same day you plan to head out.

Inside the car, have at hand everything you need: diapers, wipes, snacks, and some toys. This way you won’t have to stop every time the baby drops their toy or needs to clean their hands after some delicious cookies.

Create customized playlists for the road trip. One for the kids and one for you. The kids will enjoy listening to their favorite songs in the car, so they won’t get so bored. And once they are asleep, we can enjoy the playlist with our own favorite songs, so we won’t get bored either.

Don’t be afraid to let them watch a movie in the car. It can be on a tablet or laptop, whatever you have at home. It will be another great way to keep them entertained and calm on the road. . If the road trip is long, you’ll be grateful to have more than one movie for them to watch.

Remember that the road landscape has many things to see and teach the little ones. If the child is no longer an infant, you can enjoy different road trip games such as playing I-Spy, looking for what shapes your kids can see in clouds, and thinking of words that start with the same letter as the names of the cities you are passing through.

Take a little detergent and dry stain remover with you. With children you never know. Once you arrive at the hotel, you will be able to clean their clothes if necessary.

Make your hotel room childproof. Put away everything that would be within their reach that they could put in their mouths. If there is a minibar, find a way to lock it so they can’t get access to whatever is inside.

Bring some books or games that don’t take up too much space. This way both the adults and children will spend some time playing together as a family. If your children are old enough to carry a backpack, let them each carry one with their favorite toys inside.

Enjoy! Spend some family time together, creating new memories and new experiences. Leave meaningless anger behind and enjoy this time together. It will be worth it.

We hope this little guide about how to travel with children will be useful. And you? Do you have any

Tips for with the little ones? Any funny anecdotes?