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Discover the Organic Cot Mattress

The Organic Crib Mattress stands out on its own in our catalogue and is our most natural version for cot mattresses. It differs from other crib mattresses. If you want to learn more about this mattress, here is more information: 

It is the only two-sided model: one side for 0-6 months and the other side for 6 months and up. The perfect solution for babies who will use the crib directly.

Like our other crib mattresses, Organic has a zipper that allows you to remove the mattress cover and wash it if necessary. With babies you never know and being able to wash the mattress cover is always an advantage.

The cover of the Organic Crib Mattress contains organically grown cotton. This means that we offer you a product free of pesticides and harmful substances. And, of course, the more natural the cotton is, the less allergies and reactions it may cause on the baby’s skin.  Organic cotton is also certified by GOTS.

For further information on this topic, we recommend you read this post:

We use soy extract to make a more natural foam interior. With this natural component, we achieve a more natural product, and a better regulation of the temperature given off by your baby.

Many parents have the same question when they start using the Organic Crib Mattress: Which side is 0-6 months and +6 months? The cover is indifferent, if we are to use the side with the wave design or the side with the cotton design. They are exactly the same, only the design of the cover changes. The difference is on the inside, in the profiling or cut found in the foam. The less profiled or less cut foam side should be used from 0-6 months. And the foam side that has more profiling or more cuts should be used from 6 months onwards.

An additional advantage to using the Organic Crib Mattress, is the 100 Oeko-Tex Standard certificate. This certification confirms and guarantees that the mattress is free of harmful substances in both the short and the long term.

As you can see, this crib mattress is completely safe for your babies from birth. And you? What are you waiting for to get our mattress?