organic cotton mattress

Advantages of organic cotton in crib mattresses

The advantages of organic cotton in a cradle mattress compared to other materials are numerous: Better conservation of the environment, cost savings for farmers, better health for consumers of this material, and the list goes on. Parents are aware of the advantages of using this material.  ...

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travel with children

How to travel with children: The ultimate guide

It is impossible to avoid. Vacation time is here and we want to travel. We don’t care about where exactly, we don’t care for how many days, we just feel the need to get out of our routine and see new sites as a family in the summertime. Summer is a great time to travel, but  ...

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sleep better during pregnancy
Health Rest

How to sleep better during pregnancy?

It is known that once we become parents, our sleep is not what it used to be. What many people ignore before becoming parents, is that even before the baby is born, we already start to lose hours of sleep and whatever sleep we do manage to get starts to be of worse quality. Discomfort,  ...

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baby sleep
Baby Rest

How long do children need to sleep?

Knowing how long children need to sleep can be tricky. Babies have very fragmented sleep schedules and it changes as they get older. Today we want to give you some guidelines on how long children need to sleep. How long do newborns need to sleep? In this question, we can differentiate two  ...

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organic cotton baby mattress
Baby Health Rest

Discover the Organic Cot Mattress

The Organic Crib Mattress stands out on its own in our catalogue and is our most natural version for cot mattresses. It differs from other crib mattresses. If you want to learn more about this mattress, here is more information:  It is  ...

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parents sleep
Baby Health

Lack of sleep for new parents

It is a fact that new parents and more seasoned parents lack sleep. The newly gained responsibilities and the unforeseen ones that arise with a baby can reduce their hours of rest. The worst part of it? Sleep loss cannot be recovered. Experts affirm that the sleep-wake cycle of newborn babies  ...

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